Sea Legs

Teddy is walking. A few days ago he turned 15 months. I admit that I was starting to get anxious that he hadn’t really figured out how yet. I could see that he had the ability. He has been cruising for ages now. Gone are the days of “floor swimming”, but walking on the knees was becoming his preferred method of transportation. Fine for inside. Not so much for outside. Not to mention the callouses he has developed. Ouch.

He really started going for it a couple of nights ago and we caught it on video.

The next day, he backed off a bit due to issues getting up and staying up on his own. Back on the knees again for a bit. No biggie.

Now, tonight, he’s on a mission. For the last 20 minutes or so he’s been doing laps. At first with my hand as a guide. Then slowly letting go and doing full laps back and forth between the kitchen and living room. Once he went to the kitchen, did a tiny dance move, turned full around and walked back to the living room. That was awesome!

KC is right next to him most of this time. Encouraging and (I have to say) encroaching a bit on the personal space. It’s cool though. This is exciting for her too. Hard at times. We cheer and get all sappy and the first night he really started going she got a bit hurt. She said to me, “You never get that excited about me.” Aw, shit.

I told her how not true that is. That we got very excited when she walked and when she did all kinds of “first” things. But I also apologized to her and acknowledged that we do tend to treat her differently now that she’s bigger. I can see how that can seem unfair. Especially since we expect more of the bigger kid and lend a lot more help to the littler kid.

These babies, man. They really do grow up.

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Monkey Business

Teddy ate an entire banana this morning.





That seems like a lot for such a small person.

September 18, 2012 at 11:23 am 1 comment


KC is beginning to show some real style. It’s a little inspired by Barbie (ok, a lot) so I have to keep some control. Example: she wants to wear the outer part of a tank top as a midriff bearing shirt. I make her wear the longer under-layer if she goes out of the house. Didn’t expect to be having THAT fight so soon.

Aside from that, she really is developing a pretty fun sense of style which I am happy to support. Especially at Target and Wal-Mart prices.



The above is the tank top I mentioned.

That hat is from Target and we bought it to share, but she wears it so much better than me.

September 16, 2012 at 3:49 pm 1 comment

Everybody Loves Cake, Pt. 2

For KC’s actual Birthday on Friday, Ted brought home Popeye’s chicken. A definite crowd favorite here. He also got a small ice cream cake.

THIS DUDE picked up an entire wedge of cake and ate it all very fast.

That is what brain freeze looks like.

Looks like it was worth it.

September 15, 2012 at 9:06 pm 1 comment

Five Times As Amazing

Dear KC,
Yesterday you turned five. Today we spent a wonderful day at home despite the fact that you are sick with a fever and cough. Your party, scheduled for tomorrow, had to be canceled. You handled this news beautifully. At one point today you explained to me how you are bigger now than you were a couple of days ago. Indeed you are.



Even without a party, there have been gifts all day long. Thanks to family and neighbors stopping by to cheer up a sick girl.


We planned to bake cupcakes and let your party guests decorate them. Instead we made a cake and decorated some cupcakes together today.


It really has been a great day. You have grown so much, KC. There are moments when you seem like such a big girl and it makes me so proud. Seeing how much you have taken to kindergarten these past two weeks is a great example.

Then there are times when you clearly still need to be my little baby. Although some of those moments can be trying for a mother (times when you insist you need me for things I know you should do yourself), it is actually kind of nice.

You are still such a cuddle bug. I only wish I could spend the time doting on you that I did before your brother was born. It’s tough to give out enough cuddles and attention to TWO babies. There is definitely enough love for you both though.

You are a perfect big sister and the best daughter your dad and I could hope for. Happy Birthday, my baby. You are amazing.


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Baby Girl Grown

Tomorrow morning I put KC on the bus to go to her first REAL day of school. I debated driving her in and escorting her to class. No doubt many parents will. Honestly though, I think that is more for us than for them. It has been advised by both other parents and school staff that if they will be bus riders, you should get them used to it from day one. It makes sense. It makes me nervous and a little sad. I can hug her and take a photo as she waits and then boards. Then I let go of her hand and entrust her to a big new world.

It’s just so hard to believe we are here already. This baby has grown so much. She is ready, but I am not. Probably never will be.


September 3, 2012 at 8:00 pm 1 comment

Everybody Loves Cake


Great party. Delicious, store-bought cake all over his face and neck. Shortly after this I stripped him down to his diaper.


Despite my suggestion of no gifts, he did get quite a few. Pretty awesome ones too so we totally appreciate the generosity of our family and friends.


Insanely creative flower arrangement made by my MIL.


Mischief and shenanigans on the red carpet that hid our awful driveway.


It was a good (and tiring) day.

August 24, 2012 at 9:37 pm 1 comment

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